1. Why do I need a computer in my business ? And what it can do?

Well computer is just another resource, dedicated and truthful to your business. Depending up on the instruction (Programs) provided to the computer, it can do tasks such as managing your Stock, or maintaining your Accounts, Payroll, Serice Delivery Management or any other Activities related to your business.

2. But my Business is different, How can computer Help?

Computer can be helpful in almost all business activities, you need to discuss your current business setup and future requirements with our experts, and we will identifiy the opportunities where computer can add value in your business.

3. What the use of computer in a retail business?

A lot! Right from purchasing, stock, sales and accounts. In Purhcase, the software can add value by adding intelligence to your purchase such as checking the previous Cost, Bonus or other benifits. While in Stock Management, it is linked to your pruchase, sales, purchase return, sales return...etc hence the stock in the computer is upto date with the stock in shelf. For Sales, you have an so many benifits, such as setting the retail prices, discount allowed, short expiry first, promotions ...etc

4. Well, what is the proof all the above are happening on a day-2-day basis?

Good question, and that's why we provide a many intelligent business reporting. These reports can be taken on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. We provide 100+ reports in each of the modules plus customized if needed by our customers.