Midland Solutions LLC is an advanced IT Solutions Provider - developing integrated information systems that reduce the cost and increase the productivity by providing strategic and sophisticated computer solutions for our clients. As a leading IT Consulting and Services company, we offers innovative business software solutions for Trading, Commercial, Healthcare and Financial sectors with excellent domain competencies and shrink-wrapped software products.

Head quartered in UAE, Midland Solutions design, develop and implement software systems targeted at various industrial segments with the capability to improve productivity. At Midland Solutions we work closely with our clients to understand their business process, requirements and infrastructure before offering an IT solution for enterprise-wide implementation. We provide our customers with powerful and flexible business management software that meets the exact needs of their business. Many other software solutions require you to make changes to your core business processes in order to utilize their software, costing your business far more than the price of the software also in time and decreased productivity from re-training your staff. Our suite of business management software has the ability to conform to your unique business processes. The actual "source code", the mechanics of the software, is modifiable so it can be adapted to any business situation and evolve as your business dictates.

e-Work Force (e-WF)

An accurate picture of your current business situation can make the crucial difference in today's competitive business environment and increase your bottom line. We provide you that business critical information using our highly customizable ERP Modules called e-Work Force (e-WF)! The highly talented and dedicated technical staff of Midland work tirelessly to ensure that our products and services allow our clients to achieve their business objectives. We associate closely with our clients, understand industry radicals, get inputs from them at every stage of the delivery, and stand to gain the ultimate aim of the business - Customer Satisfaction!


We envision a company with goals of indefinite growth whiles maintaining a high quality organization

  • To e a leading enterprise software and business solutions provider.
  • To be known as a company which continues to work extremely hard to understand customers, understand the technology we represent, and the industries we serve


Our mission is to help our clients manage, change and transform their businesses through high-quality, cost-effective business IT solutions. Our specialists use proven implementation methodology and an extensive

knowledge base to enable our clients' success:

  • To continuously adopt our processes and our service delivery to match our clients' expectations.
  • To learn & implement latest technologies & processes in our software and business solutions development.
  • To provide our clients with innovative, strong and suitable solutions providing good value for money.
  • To provide our team a good atmosphere that encourages creativity, innovation and excellence.